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    Mark Rogowsky:

    Well consider this: The number of “zero-car families” has been growing since 2007, after shrinking nearly every year since 1960; it’s approaching 10%. While the recession has doubtless played a role, it’s less than you might think. First, there has been an increasing move back toward the cities, where transit is more readily available. Second, millennials seem especially uninterested in owning their own cars. Third, the trend away from driving actually dates back to 2004, when the economy was still thriving. A government measure called “per capita vehicle miles traveled,” which had gone up steadily for decades began trending down that year and has fallen ever since. After 8 consecutive years of declines, on average we’re driving as much as we did in 1996.

    The trend is clear.

    This makes me so happy.

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    An interesting article.
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    I’m car free and have been with my family since my daughter’s birth in 2007. It isn’t always easy, but that is what...
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    This is great.
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    I know this is blasphemy but this seems like incorrect attribution. Gas prices probably have a lot more to do with...
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    This makes me so happy.
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