1. I HAD one of these!

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  4. Chewy and Vader, wedding crashers.

  5. alwaysstarwars:

    Just Mark Hamill, hanging out on the set of the new Star Wars movie.  No big deal.

    Via Nathan Hamill

    Rock star.

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  6. "It’s the dinosaur’s party," says my almost-4 year old.

  7. Gorgeous.

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  8. The Englishman who nose-pushed a Brussels sprout up the hill and came down the mountain, starring Simon Pegg, I’m sure.


  9. I got philosophical about sports fandom while sitting on a bench outside a gas station waiting for my car to get inspected.


  10. "All the stores are running out of magic powers."
    — My 4-year-old, this morning, while telling me how all her magic powers are getting old and broken.
  11. merlin:

    Congratulations, Healthy-Cafeteria-That-Sells-Only-Diet-Drinks

    You’re officially the worst thing in the world.

    I totally just put four salt packets on my double bacon cheeseburger, so, screw you.


  12. "Everything is upside down. Your life is sold to serve an economy that does not serve your life."

  13. paagalsubtitle:

    "All characters are
    made to talk in Telugu..
    ..so that everybody
    can understand them.”

    [Beth says: subtitling a statement of linguistic obviousness is kind of awesome.]

    (opening credits of Naayak, 2013)

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  14. "Computers compute in order to compute."

    Tracy Kidder, The Soul of a New Machine.

    I think this is also an accurate description of me.

  15. Are you going to Scarborough fair?